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Bernard Lietaer is an expert in monetary relations and complementary currencies, including digital ones. He gave an exclusive interview to Invest Foresight online magazine at the moment when business outlets all over the world forgot about real deals and spend nights and days writing on the blockchain misfortunes. In 2003 a Belgian economist Bernard Lietaer collaborated with Brazilian professor Gillian Schwartz of São Paulo University – who has previously worked as an economist at various public and private financial institutions including BankBostal – to submit a proposal for a complementary currency called The Saber to the government of Brazil. The first is Bernard Lietaer – author of Rethinking Money – How New Currencies Turn Scarcity into Prosperity and other books. I’ve seen him speak and his solutions make a lot of sense to me and offer much more support for society in general. Bernard Lietaer has taken up this idea again with his proposal of the global “Terra” (Kennedy et al. 2012). Individual regional currencies also use this idea and, for example, write a specific shopping cart of regional products on the back of a paper note. ... Today, bitcoin is used as a store of value and is compared to “digital gold ... Bernard discusses the Bancor Protocol in a lecture titled “Economic Justice — Theory to Practice”. (June, 2017) In a 2017 paper, Bernard explored using the Bancor Protocol for delivering “unconditional basic income” to impoverished communities: “The main idea is to allow complementary currencies to be issued by users at the condition that the token issued is holding one or more ...

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Bernard Lietaer: Modern Monetary Theory is right

All economic textbooks define money as standard of value, medium of exchange, store of value. ... Bernard Lietaer ... Bitcoin Wednesday 3,447 views. 1:20:53. Recording date: 23. April 2014 Location: School of Business and Economics, Maastricht University Speaker: Prof. Bernard Lietaer Title: In conversation What is money? And how successful is it in ... Currency expert Bernard Lietaer states that the fundamental problem with our present-day monetary system is that it is not sufficiently diverse. ... Value-stable Currency ... (not Bitcoin): Tom ... Author of ‘Way of the Wolf’ Jordan Belfort weighs in on the value of digital currency Bitcoin and discusses why it may collapse soon. ... Bernard Lietaer Talks About Money & Sustainability ... See also Lietaer on Bancor with information he unfortunately doesn't share in this lecture: Bernard Lietaer (BProtocol Foundation) excited about ICO Bancor raising $150 million in 2 hours! https ...